Let's Foil Together !

Our boat is not like all the others. Indeed, the three submerged wings allows our boat to fly just above the water while speeding. These wings are called "foils". And we call our boat a "Fri-Foiler". The foils reduce the drag of the Fri-Foiler allowing it to reach high speeds, while consuming a minimum of energy. Also, to respect the fauna, the flora and the bathers, our Fri-Foiler is electric and silent.

The Fri-Foiler offers a thrilling and fun experience, which we hope to share with everybody. We believe that improving and sharing this technology on a "small" scale can improve transports on a bigger scale.

The Fri-foiler is easy to navigate !

To navigate the Fri-Foiler :

  1. You will have to sit down on the seat,

  2. Grab the steering wheel with your hand,

  3. Control the speed with your right feet. et voilĂ  !

  4. For additionnal Fun, we highly recommand to turn the steering wheel to the right or left

Our current objectives are: